Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Time's Running Out on a Wonderful Opportunity .....

FOLLOW-UP ... "A 56-year-old FedEx official announced his candidacy Monday against incumbent District 3 City Councilman John James in the November 2 election. Robert L. 'Bob' Crites said he became motivated to seek a three-year term in the central Midland jurisdiction during last Tuesday's public hearings on the 2010-11 property tax rate and budget." more ...

According to
this report from the MRT's Ruth Campbell, "Filing deadline for the November 2 election is 5:00 p.m. today [Tuesday, August 24]. Spots on the Midland City Council, Midland Independent School District board and Midland Memorial Hospital board are available."

That means time's running out on a wonderful opportunity for some Midlanders to "practice what they preach," "put their money where their mouth is," "walk the walk, not just talk the talk" ... take your pick. Here's a chance for YOU to take all that expertise and energy on display at rallies and council/board meetings and put it to work for the benefit of all.

Several years in journalism, covering the goings-on in city halls, county courthouses and school boardrooms, has given me a great appreciation for the job involved in managing our local governing agencies ... especially their budgets. It is NOT an easy job, and it's not always done correctly, and it's never done to the absolute satisfaction of absolutely everyone.

... when it's done well, you'll read about it in the paper, or see it on television - to the annoyance of some.

... when it's done badly, you'll read about it in the paper, or see it on television - to the annoyance of others.

I've left journalism, of course, and taken a job on the staff of a community college. But the opportunity to see local elected officials at work, and appreciate what that work entails, has continued.
And in the past, even when I published a report that led to criticism for an elected official's actions, I was always mindful that the number of those who are willing to step-up, take a seat in our local government, who are doing their best, and who are willing to endure the verbal stones being chucked from the back of the room ... they always seem to be in the minority.

I respect anyone who shows the good sense to stay out of elected office ... unless they're someone who sits in the back, and chucks those stones. It's time for them to take advantage of the wonderful opportunities that are out there, run for office, and take a leadership role in our local government.

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