Saturday, August 21, 2010

Blogging for Fair Havens, 5: Those Who Serve.....

More than once, this morning, I've mentioned the people of Fair Havens. So, who are they, and why have become a part of Fair Havens and its mission? The best way to answer those questions is to come by the Midland H.E.B. parking lot today, meet with them. talk to them, hear their first-hand experiences with Fair Havens and its mission ... and commit to supporting that mission.

Midland Fair Havens equips single mothers and their children for self-sufficient living by addressing their educational, vocational, spiritual, and emotional needs in residential and non-residential settings.

Their Leadership
CLICK HERE to meet the Fair Havens staff, and their board of directors.

You are invited to learn more about Midland Fair Havens, and then consider joining them in this life-changing work.

CLICK HERE to learn more about Midland Fair Havens.
CLIC HERE to make a contribution to Midland Fair Havens.

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