Monday, August 02, 2010

Doh! ...

There was so much attention being paid to this weekend's nuptials in Rhinebeck, that I forgot all about a similar blessed event taking place in Springfield.

Hmmmm ... now that this milestone has been reached, it does make me wonder what might yet be in store for Ms. Simpson-Parkfield.


Geo said...

Ha ha, that's great!

I'm trying to remember that episode, but my memory is very fuzzy. Bart somehow had a vision of the future, and he's a bum, and Lisa is president. When he wakes up and she asks what's in her future, he says, "Oh some government job."

So was the wedding invitation in that same episode?

Jeff said...

George, the "Wedding" episode was from 1995, and Bart had a job (in demolitions, no less) in that one.

The "President" episode was from 2000, and included a vision of Bart as an unemployed musician trying to cas-in on his sibling's celebrity ... sound familiar?