Saturday, August 21, 2010

Blogging for Fair Havens, 7: Judith - A Success Story .....

Thanking today's contributors ... Mary and Harold White. Ellen and Dennis Hopkins, and Alice and Roger Friedline.

As I said in my last post, when you talk about Fair Havens, you can't confine it just what they WANT to do ... but also what they HAVE DONE. Check below for one of Fair Havens' success stories.

Midland Fair Havens equips single mothers and their children for self-sufficient living by addressing their educational, vocational, spiritual, and emotional needs in residential and non-residential settings.

Success Story ... Judith: A Lasting Hope
With no alternative and on her last dollar, Judith* first called Fair Havens looking for rental assistance. The pride in her voice revealed how difficult it was for her to ask for help but she was exhausted from the daily struggle to keep from being evicted. Detecting a desire to ‘pull her life together,’ our case manager nurtured a non-residential relationship for months before Judith lost her apartment and finally moved into Fair Havens to pursue her education and improve her income capacity.
Read the rest of Judith's story ...

You are invited to learn more about Midland Fair Havens, and then consider joining them in this life-changing work.

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