Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A 'Must Read' Op-Ed from the MRT .....

If you haven't yet perused today's copy of the Midland Reporter-Telegram, whether in print or online, you should ... and urge others to do so. In particular, I recommend this op-ed piece from the MRT editorial board. It's about a traditional means for elected officials (and candidates for election) to reach out to their constituents ... and about a decision by one official to bypass said means.

Speaking from my experience as a former newspaper reporter (staff and freelance) and, later, as the managing editor of a newspaper ... the MRT is spot-on in their analysis of the official's decision, and I hope that official will hear their plea to reconsider that decision.


Damien Franco said...

Don't hold your breath.

Perry has made way too many questionable decisions as Governor of Texas to go in front of an uncontrolled media.

His avoidance of editorial staff and his tight control of message and media is the only way he will win. If most Texans really knew how much back dealing has been done in that office the Teabaggers would toss him out of the state pronto!

Jeff said...

Damien, thanks for the input. It should be noted that he is hardly alone in this approach to the media. It is a more-and-more common practice among both incumbents and challengers, and one that crosses political and social lines.

I don't know what bothers me more ... the politicians' application of the practice ... or the public's acceptance of the practice.

Damien Franco said...

The public's acceptance (or more likely ignorance) of the practice is what bothers me more.

*pointing finger at media*