Thursday, August 19, 2010

So, What Do YOU Think? .....

The team, creators of Blog Action Day, are preparing for the 2010 edition, which takes place in October. They want to know what I (and all other past participants) think would make a good topic for Blog Action Day 2010 ... and I want to know what YOU think.

"What important issue do you think the world should talk about on October 15th," they ask. "Based on nominations we received during voting process for last year's topic, we've put together six potential topics for this year, outlined below ..."

"The UN recently declared water to be a human right, but millions around the world still lack even the most basic access, causing widespread disease and the possibility of military conflict over access to clean water."

Human Trafficking
"From prostitution to forced labor, more than 27 million people are modern-day slaves, making human trafficking one of the most overlooked man-made tragedies in the world."

"The most discriminated against group in the world isn't a minority: it's women. From inequality in schooling to reduced economic opportunities, women face a disproportionate degree of adversity all over the world."

Sustainable Food
"Industrial agriculture has overtaken the world's food supply – creating obesity in the developed world and spreading genetically modified crops and oftentimes undercutting local farmers in the developing world."

"While many of us may take healthy, nutritious food for granted, more than 1 billion people around the world see it as an unattainable luxury."

"Overfishing and pollution have decimated untold species of fish and other ocean life over the past few decades, and recent oil spills have shown how vulnerable aquatic life is to man-made disasters."

"Don't see an issue you're passionate about in this list? We'd love to hear about it."

... so, what do YOU think would make for a good Blog Action Day topic?

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