Monday, March 30, 2009

What's In a Word? ...

... more than you might realize. At least, that's what I thought when I read this report from KOSA-TV/CBS 7 about efforts to address sinkholes in Pecos County, and how those sinkholes are affecting a state highway.

"Pecos County is in cahoots with TxDOT to keep an eye on the levels, which as of now, poses no threat to drivers," the report states. I have to ask, in an otherwise-very-good report, did they really mean to use the phrase "in cahoots"
? Just in case my own understanding of the word was a little off (wouldn't be the first time), I checked, which offered "Questionable collaboration; secret partnership" as a definition.

Just about anyone in 'the business' will tell you, a single word CAN make a difference. IMHO, this little slip was an exception to the rule at KOSA, where some outstanding people are doing some award-winning work. It happens to just about everyone one, at some time or another ... I know it's happened to me


Dom Evets said...

While it's true they do some award-winning work, they often get careless and forget some of the basics of reporting. More than once I've been left wondering where something occurred that they have covered.
Another complaint I have with all local media. When something occurs on a rural county road or near an I-20 mile marker, I wish they would identify the location, such as approximately 6 miles SE of Midland.

Jeff said...

Dom, I will agree that mistakes or lapses will occur. But my experience over the past 25 years - as both a news producer and a news consumer in the local market - is that those lapses are the exception, rather than the rule.