Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Frank Would Like This ...

With no copies to be had at my usual stops - the Friends of the Library Book Store, or at Miz B's - I decied to pony-up for a new paperback copy of James Hilton's Lost Horizon, to replace a beloved - and nearly evaporated - old traveling companion of many years' acquaintance.

I ended up at Barnes & Noble, perusing the shelves while Younger Son
worked the chessboards nearby. I finally selected this copy ... which turned out to be a descendant of my old Pocket Books Classic copy!

Here's something my fellow Keystone State'r, Frank at
Books, Inq. - The Epilogue, would like. The new copy features period artwork on the cover, and period reviews on the back ... including one from The Philadelphia Inquirer, where Frank once plied his trade as Book Review Editor. "Haunting," that review tells us, "we warmly recommend the story of the Mountains of the Blue Moon." The Inq's archives only go back to 1981, so I can't share the whole review with you, or even the reviewer's name ... maybe Frank can help with that.

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