Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Favorite Photo ...

Just about everybody comes back from a trip with an especially-favorite photo they took during the course of their journey ... this is one of mine from the trip my family took during spring break.

Sunrise over the Atlantic, taken from the aft lounge of our ship, as we berthed at the port of Nassau, in the Bahamas.

Eric at Fire Ant Gazette once said something to the effect that, when it comes to taking photos, he'd rather be lucky than well-trained or experienced ... something like that. Anyway, he was absolutely right in the case of this photo. It would have been a good enough photo as it was ... but I really like what happened when a gull swept into the frame, completely by chance, as I released the shutter.

Speaking of Eric and photos, if you haven't checked out his ongoing series of worked images of West Texas, you should.


Eric Siegmund said...

Actually, what I said was that I'm lucky I'm not well-trained or experienced, and that way no one has any expectations. ;-)

Anyway, thanks for the kind words.

Your picture is gorgeous. But I keep thinking, "...if I opened that up in Photoshop, duplicated the main layer, applied a blending change..."

Jeff said...

Oh, boy ... here we go!