Thursday, March 19, 2009

What Do You Think? ...

Discussion point, here... there's no denying that the Permian Basin Petroleum Museum remains a valuable resource to introduce the oil & gas industry to the general public ... just ask any of our out-of-town visitors who've had a tour of said institution as part of their visit to the Tall City.

But while the museum's portrayel of the industry's history (and the geologic foundation for that industry) remains second-to-none, what about it's portrayel of the industry itself, particularly developments over the past quarter-century in technology and its application?

What do YOU think?


Pancho said...

You know that a major multi-million dollar renovation of the Museum is just about to happen, with all exhibits totally redesigned.

Jeff said...

Wallace, no, I didn't. I think that's great news! I did hear from someone, today, what they were told during an industry 'fam' tour, that some kind of project might be in the works. Thanks for getting the word out!