Saturday, May 30, 2009

Socker Soccer Night, 7

And that's a wrap. The Sockers win 4-0 after a stoppage-time goal scored in the closing seconds of the game. What a night! Jose Munoz was named Star of the Game, and deservedly-so for the excitement he brought to tonight's match - even if he didn't get the hat trick we were hoping for.

Random observations ... there's a saying about 'the size of the dog in the fight,' and that held true tonight. The Tornados, in general, appeared to be a larger team - but found the Sockers more than they could handle.

... volunteers came through for the Sockers tonight. 'Ball kids' on the sidelines usually come from teams in the West Texas United organization, but there were none to be seen tonight. An announcement over the loudspeakers, though, provided a full squad of youngsters who did their part to keep the game morning along - and did it well.

... "P.K." has my votes as THE BEST SPORTS MASCOT IN WEST TEXAS. The best-looking outfit, to start with. But inside that outfit is someone with rhythm, athletic ability and tremendous spontaneity - 'nuff said!

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