Friday, May 22, 2009

I Must Be Some Kind of Soccer Guru ...

Is it me, or do people up in the stands claim to know A LOT more about the game, than those down on the field? I sure do ... well, sometimes.

Case in point - last Friday's soccer match between the West Texas Sockers and the Laredo Heat. The Sockers won that match 1-0, and selected Giber Becerra as the game's MVP in recognition of the PK score he made in the first half.

Me? I would have named the Sockers' goalkeeper, Leif Craddock, as the games' MVP, for his efforts in shutting-down the Heat's offense and keeping them off the scoreboard.

Now comes
this word from the Sockers press office ... "United Soccer Leagues announced today the Premier Development League Player of the Week for the sixth week of USL competition, honoring West Texas goalkeeper Leif Craddock for his eight-save, 1-0 shutout win over the Laredo Heat on Friday, May 15th."

I guess that makes me some kind of soccer guru. But don't worry ... I'll probably more than make up for it with some silly opinions at the next game.


Geo said...

Hey, if you know what it means to be "off sides" then you're a soccer guru in my book!

I've been wondering something, have you been live blogging those games you write about? If so, how?

Jeff said...

George, yes I have. I've been using the web browser application on my phone. I may just bring my phone, if Jimmy goes "Blogging for Fair Havens" again, this year.