Friday, May 08, 2009

MC Graduation, 3

And it has begun. Lines of students filing in, shouts from family members when they see a love one, all kinds of phots and video being taken ... all to Sir Edward Elgar's "Pomp and Circumstance."

Invocation by MC honor student Rebecca Karth, followed by MC music professor Michael Jordan singing the National Anthem. Then it's time for greetings, introductions and salutation from MC President Dr. Steve Thomas. This is Dr. Thomas' first commencement as MC's new president, and be's doing an outstanding job.


Anonymous said...

It was an awesome rendition of the National Anthem. Too bad some people don't respect this country and laugh and talk during this time.

Jeff said...

Anonymous, there's one (at least) in every crowd, and that was a LARGE crowd. From my perspective, down on the floor with the graduates, I saw nothing but resepectful attention.