Friday, May 22, 2009

A Good Man Moves On ...

The move to Andrews and a position as assistant school superintendant is a good one for Randy Baiza, but a sad loss for Midland. I wish him good luck and Godspeed, nonetheless.

This report from Ruth Campbell, in Thursday's MRT, noted that Baiza has been in education some 23 years - 13 of those in Midland, including a decade at Washington Math & Science Institute, where he was principal. He now moves 'up the road' to accept the new assistant superintendent's position at Andrews Independent School District.

I wish more of you - and, more importantly, your children - could have known Mr. Baiza, and watched him at work. I had that pleasure for four years, as both my children attended Washington. If everyone could have seen Mr. Baiza and his people in the classroom, if everyone could have appreciated what the faculty and staff at Washington did for the young people in their charge - and what the young people accomplished, in return - maybe some of us wouldn't be so quick to intone that mindless, baseless mantra one hears around town (especially online) that our public school system is no good.

Mr. Baiza had a style all his own ... speaking softly, supportively, encouragingly - but no less assertive for all that. He led by example, continuing his own studies in the field of education while encouraging his young charges to pursue their academic paths with enthusiasm, even joy.

I once joked with Mr. Baiza that he absolutely must not move upward and onward until my children had graduated from Washington ... which they have ... and now, he has. And I, for one, will miss him. Good luck to Mr. Baiza in Andrews, and to his successor here in Midland!

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