Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Peek Under the Paper Sack? ...

I seriously doubt many people have lain awake at night wondering what's underneath those paper sacks, and behind the secret identities of the J-Wellians.

Now, maybe, we know ... or maybe we don't. And if we do or we don't ... does it make all that much of a difference?

This afternoon, several Midland-based blogs had comments added to their latest posts, allegedly identifying three of the contributors to the Jessica's Well weblog. Ironically, the comments were posted by "Anonymous." Considering the content of that comment, I find myself asking, "And you are?"

No need to answer, though.

As for the J-Wellians, like I said, I don't think anyone loses much sleep wondering what's under those paper sacks of theirs ... makes me think of one of Lydia's lines from Beetlejuice ... "Are you gross under there? Are you Night of the Living Dead under there, like all bloody veins and puss?"

Or maybe it's something else altogether ... whatever ... no great cause for concern for me.

I'd be a lot more concerned about TOO MUCH information getting out. If I were Anonymous, I would have stopped short of publishing home phone numbers. If the comment disappears from my website, it will probably be due to that.


Site Admin said...

Not so much veins and puss as callouses and warts.

But gross....very gross.

Jeff said...

Site Admin, thanks for stopping in, warts and all ... all is welcome. Congratulations (?) on your outing.