Friday, September 26, 2008

'Swonderful Birthday .....

... to a man who wrote so much 'smarvelous music. George Gershwin, one of Tin Pan Alley's brightest stars, and one of America’s great composers of music, was born on this day in 1898.

Here is
Wikipedia's write-up on Gershwin, and the official George and Ira Gershwin website. I also like these clips on YouTube of Gershwin playing "I Got Rhythm" and Rhapsody in Blue: Part 1 and Part 2.


Jimmy said...

When I was younger, I wanted Rhapsody in Blue played at my funeral ... maybe not so much anymore, which doesn't lessen the perfecton and completeness of Gershwin's masterwork. Lesser compositions like Summertime, and Porgy and Bess remain indescribable in their melodic beauty. Happy BIrthday, George.

Jeff said...

Jimmy, thanks for stopping in and sharing your birthday thoughts and wishes.