Friday, September 19, 2008

Set Course fer a Bookshop .....

'Tis time to c'mend an ol' matey to the deep, and seek out a new mate to step into 'is shoes. Man the decks and set course for the nearest bookshop.

Methinks 'twill be that 'Friends of the Midland Library' bookstore - where I found me ol' copy of "Lost Horizon" - in a quest to find me a new copy ... an' perhaps some others writin's of
a favorite scribe o' mine, James Hilton.

I finds myself wonderin' ... be there a bookshelf in Davey Jones' locker?


Sis said...

Never knew you enjoyed his writing. I love the movie Mrs. Miniver, for which he won an oscar for the screen play, I also love the the Mr. Chips stories. Are you looking for old editions or new?

Jeff said...

Sis, be sure to check out the movie version of "Lost Horizon," too, with Ronald Coleman ... Mom will LOVE that.

I'll probably look for a copy just like the last, one that's been used and loved, and will travel well.