Friday, September 19, 2008

Now HERE be Pirates .....

Cap'n Eric of the good ship Fire Ant Gazette tells this tale of a bit o' tomfoolery - Pirates of the Preamble.

Arrrr, but there be more from the roguish Cap'n Eric ... seems the game was commissioned by State Bar of Texas. Are they choosin' to associate themselves with pirates, he asks ... some might accuse 'em of playin' to type.


Eric said...

We were at Barnes & Noble this afternoon and Becky (she of The Knitting Barista fame) was sporting an eyepatch and skullcap. I immediately recognized the occasion and asked her if anyone else had also indicated a clue about why she was so attired. She said that only one other person had grokked to the fact that it was ITLAPD.

It's so sad when we lose such important cultural cues. ;-)

Jeff said...

Arrr, 'tis sad indeed, me bucko! But that Knittin' Barrista be a saucy wench, an' keepin the ol' ways alive.