Friday, September 05, 2008

From Your Blog to Their Blog, and Back .....

The buzz following the release of Google Chrome included concern that the feature's Terms Of Service gave Google rights to any user-generated content "submitted, posted or displayed on or through" the browser.

According to this post by Mike at Google Blog, eagle-eyed bloggers were among those raising those concerns. He goes on to report that changes are in the works, are being propagated to the 40+ languages in which Google Chrome is available, and removed in the download versions.

Thanks to the eagle-eyed Frank at Books, Inq.: The Epilogue, for spreading the word.


Anonymous said...

Jeff, that's appalling. This was probably not the first time they've done something like that. Google's approach seems to be to grab whatever they can then respond according to the complaint level.

Google is the new Microsoft.

Jeff said...

George, good work on your blog, too, and a very interesting discussion of the topic.