Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Rising - or Sinking - to the Occasion .....

Judging by this morning's post at, some things about life - and the business of reporting on life - will never change.

Looking at the photo that accompanied the post, "Man rescued from SUV after driving into deep waters" ... all I could think was, "of course."

Get a good rainfall in this part of West Texas - as we have on a number of occasions in recent days - and of course there is going to be flooding, especially in 'the usual spots.' Print, television, internet ... it makes no difference ... just send your photog to the usual spots, and they will of course get a great image of a flooded roadway.

AND, they will no doubt get a great image of some driver attempting to cross that flooded roadway, regardless of the water's menacing appearance, regardless of the depth gauges road crews have posted on that low spot in the roadway, and regardless of the countless times we have seen what might happen when others have disregarded those waters, and those gauges.

And coverage of the latest soggy incident notwithstanding, of course there will be another flooded road, another daring driver and another soggy incident following the very next downpour.

And of course, there will be another rescue by men and women who have done it plenty of times before, and will do it plenty of times again ... and that is one "of course" we can all appreciate, and of which we can all be proud.

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