Friday, December 04, 2009

Please, Take Your Time and Take Care .....

I've already had to help a couple of folks who got spun around and stuck on an icy patch of Wadley. If you must go out today, PLEASE take your time, and take care.

If you can work from home today, do it.

Going out? While your vehicle's warming-up, sweep-off ALL the snow, including what's on your hood.

Assume all the roads allow 10 mph, and plan accordingly. You may not have to travel that slow ... but then again, you might. I know, I know ... some mook's going to blow by you in the next lane. Let 'em go.

Heavy feet on the gas and brake pedals do NOT help.

The fact that you're driving some SUV that covers all kinds of outrageous terrain in a television commercial does NOT apply to Midland streets. They are not a closed course, and you are not a professional driver. No matter what you're driving, it's YOU - as much as, or more than - the vehicle that will get you where you're going, safely.


Rob said...

Excellent advice! And remember that you can't dash out the door at the last minute, expecting to make it to work in 20 minutes like any other day - you should plan for your commute to take 3 or 4 times as long on inclement mornings.

Your comments on SUVs reminds me of my Jumbo Shrimp & SUV Safety post. Give it a look if you have a moment!

Jeff said...

Rob, you're absolutely right about planning and timing!

GREAT post ... "SUV Safety" ... heh, heh, heh