Wednesday, December 09, 2009

It's Almost Showtime for Midland Artist .....

This week on Texas Country Reporter ... "meet a painter with a Chinese watercolor style from the Far East." It's none other than Ricky Chou of Midland, Texas!

CLICK HERE and HERE to learn more about Chou, his art, and TCR's visit to the Tall City, courtesy of Jimmy at Sticky Doorknobs.

Locally, Texas Country Reporter airs Sunday nights at 10:30 on KWES-TV, NewsWest 9 (Channels 9 and 709 on Suddenlink Cable), right after the ten o'clock news.


M45765 said...

I just watched the Texas Country Reporter and loved the art work shown by Ricky Chou. Would love to have a print for my home!!! Great work Ricky. You are an inspiration!

Jeff said...

Maria, thanks for stopping in. You and I - and many fans and friends of Ricky's across the Tall City - are in complete agreement.