Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Being Quiet, and Listening ...

… those who know me will say that’s something I don’t do very well, or often enough. But I am trying to do better this month, with a little help from my church.

During the Advent season,
First Presbyterian Church of Midland is hosting 'Come to the Quiet,' Wednesday evenings at 6:30, in the chapel on the corner of Texas and A streets.

The church is located near downtown Midland, but by this time, that area is nearly empty, and the bustling traffic that filled the streets just an hour ago is already gone. With the time change, it’s also near dark — but lanterns placed outside the open doors of the chapel help you find where you’re going — to find a more contemplative setting than you’ll find in the shopping mall.

Everything about the service is designed to quiet us, and to shut out the noise of a hectic holiday season ... all the better to hear The Word, and to take into our hearts the story of what Christmas truly is all about. It's something that, unfortunately, lies behind and beneath all the holiday hoopla - placed in that secondary position, admittedly, BY US.

Lit by candles, led by softly-spoken words, inspired by homilies from the floor (rather than sermons from the pulpit), and carried by songs of praise accompanied by piano ... it all makes for a wonderful experience.

We'll meet again, this Wednesday evening at 6:30 ... won't you join us?

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