Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Ahoy, Cap'n Leach ...

'twas in September o' this year - on "Talk Like A Pirate Day," no less - that I posted a missive on Cap'n Leach of the good ship Red Raider, as he an' his hearty crew set sail for the port o' Austin ... where there be Longhorns, I hear.

Now comes news that Cap'n Leach be sailin' far different and troubled waters, this time in a Lubock courthouse, pleadin' for a judge's blessings that he might hoist his colors in San Antonio this Saturday.

Me? I be glad I'm not swabbin' the decks at Texas Tech's media office .. so many other tales to tell ... yet so little interest, I suspect. They even finds their pigskin program bein' likened to them scuppers, the Philadelphia Eagles, who had many a shot fired 'cross their bow when they announced their "Courage" award.


'course, not ALL the Texas pigskin prattlin' be of Cap'n Leach. There be those who've set their sights on the Fiesta Bowl in Arizona, where one hears tales of Horned Frogs ... and the Rose Bowl in Californ-I-A, where the Longhorns will drop-anchor once again.

Smooth sailin' to ye, laddies!

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