Thursday, November 19, 2009

Worth the Trouble? .....

Last week, at the West Texas Regional Collegiate Symposium, one of the smaller break-down discussions was addressing social media in general ... and "Second Life" in particular.

That's because one of the participants in the discussion was a professor from UT-Permian Basin. As you may - or may not - know,
the University of Texas is one of a number of major colleges nationwide that have 'Second Life campuses,' including the University of North Carolina, Texas A&M University and Harvard University.

But colleges are relative newbies to Second Life. Last month, it was reported that just over 16-million accounts were registered, and most of those accounts are held by private individuals, including people here, in West Texas. While watching practices from the sidelines, a fellow soccer dad has been updating me on where his Second Life avatar has taken him.

Me? I dunno ... it seems like a lot of work to get started, create an account of my own, maintain that account, develop my avatar - physique, hair, clothing, etc. - and then go exploring this virtual world ... all with what little time is left to me from activities in the actual world. On the other hand, though ... according to e-mails I've received from Second Life, I could end up like this guy, in the picture at the right ... hmmmm ... maybe I should give Second Life a second look ...


That Janie Girl said...

I know of which you speak.

I can't even master twitter, much less second life.

And I need more of my first life!

Jeff said...

Janie, my Twitter/Facebook/YouTube experience is limited and speacialized ... I enjoy it, and do the very best that I can - but I keep the timeconsumed minimal, as well.

As for 'first life,' you and I are in COMPLETE agreement!