Wednesday, November 11, 2009

... and The Written Word .....

One of the neat things about Veterans Day observances in the blogosphere is the niche coverage blogs provide, offering detailed looks at particular facets of the occasion, drawing upon the unique perspective and expertise of the bloggers.

For example, there is my e-friend, Frank in Philadelphia, book reviewer and proprietor of
Books, Inq. - The Epilogue ... who suggested a link to a post about "Trench Literature – Reading in World War I" and what soldiers read in the midst of the great conflict that would eventually give rise to Veterans Day.

"The literature generated from World War I is well documented and will hopefully serve as a reminder of how the world can fall apart," Richard Davies, Udo Goellmann & Sara Melendre write in
this post at "From Hemingway’s A Farewell to Arms, the poetry of Sassoon, Graves, Brooke, and Owen to All Quiet on the Western Front, there are numerous examples of acclaimed writing inspired by the Great War."

"But what did the ordinary soldiers of World War I read on a daily basis during life in the trenches? Reading material was in heavy demand from the men living in cramped conditions in a war that was static for long periods of time."

Interesting stuff ... and thanks to Frank for the heads-up.

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