Sunday, October 25, 2009

Black's Been Better .....

... MUCH better, really. I've seen worse films than "Year One" ... but not very many, and not that much worse.

Considering the film starred Jack Black, and was directed by Harold Ramis, I thought it could be pretty good. Unfortunately, it came-and-went from local theaters pretty fast ... now I know why.

I'm wondering if the filmmakers really had any idea what they were doing, or where this film was going. Most of the story covered ground that had already been covered - and covered a lot better - by other films such as
Caveman, History of the World - heck, even the dramatic film 10,000 BC.

However, the makers of Year One plodded along until someone realized it was 90-minutes-or-so long ... so they suddenly wrapped everything up with a big fight scene, and everyone went home.

And home's where I saw this film. One of the bennie's to seeing something on DVD is - in the event of disappointment - you're only out the time and cost of the rental. I would have REALLY hated to watch this after investing the time and money needed for a theater experience, including popcorn and soda.

If you're in the mood for some Jack Black, I strongly recommend
Nacho Libre or - even better - School of Rock and Be Kind, Rewind, instead.


Geo said...

Thanks. I'll steer clear of that one.

Jeff said...

George, I would. There are some films where I might say, 'okay, not MY kind of film - but YOU might like it.' But I don't think I can say that, this time.