Wednesday, October 21, 2009

'Empty Bowls' in the Tall City This Friday .....

An especially good fundraiser is making its way to the Tall City this week, and I hope you'll do your part to fill-up some empty bowls.

Midland first 'Empty Bowls' event takes place Friday, October 23, from 7:00-9:00 p.m. at St. Nicholas Episcopal Church, 4000 W. Loop 250 North. Proceeds raised benefit the West Texas Food Bank.
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For $10, you receive a hand-made ceramic bowl (created by local art students) and dinner (soup and bread). Accompanying your dinner will be music by the Odessa High School orchestra and the UTPB jazz band.

Empty Bowls is a grassroots effort to raise money and awareness in an effort to end hunger and food insecurity. Each group that participates in the Empty Bowls project works with their community to create their own event.

According to
Empty Bowl's Wikipedia entry, "Art teacher John Hartom initiated the project during in 1990-91 when he joined a drive to raise charitable funds in his Michigan community. Hartom's idea was to organize a charitable event to give artists and art students a way to make a personal difference. Hartom's students made ceramic bowls in their high school art classes. The finished products were then used as individual serving pieces for a fund-raising meal of soup and bread. Contributing guests kept the empty bowl. During the next year, Hartom and other participants developed this concept into 'Empty Bowls.'”

I've participated in Empty Bowls before, at the UTPB C.E.E.D. Building between Odessa and Midland, and later in Odessa. This is the first year that they are having events in both cities. It's a wonderful event, and leaves you with a lasting memento ... and a reminder that some bowls out there are still empty.

Won't you please do your part to fill those bowls?

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