Thursday, October 08, 2009

For Me, This REALLY IS 'Must-See TV' .....

"Here comes the wedding four years in the making," we are told. "Don't miss the one-hour Office, Thursday - TONIGHT! - at eight o'clock (central)."

You bet!

Over the last few years, this series - one of the most successful American adaptations of a British program - has found its own path, its own vision, and its own large fan base.

But in one respect, at least, the two shows from opposite sides of the pond have shared a common and significant thread ... the twists-and-turns, the ups-and-downs of the relationship between Pam and Jim. In Britain, the acceptance of that relationship - in a special, final episode - provided a high point in the story line for the entire series, as well as a wonderful closure for the show and its fans.

Now, its the Yanks' turn ...

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