Wednesday, August 26, 2009

What do YOU suggest? .....

Blog Action Day 2009 has been set for October 15. This year, they're asking past participants to recommend a topic. Got any suggestions?

Having been a BAD Blogger the past couple of years, I've just gone with the flow, posting on their selected topic for the year ... preparations for but this year's event, under the direction of, will be a little different.

As a first step, the team wants to get past participants' thoughts on the selection of this year's topic, to give our feedback on the topics being considered or suggest our own.

What would YOU suggest? What issue do you want addressed by Blog Action Day 2009?
● Education
● Health
● Internet Freedom
● Climate Change
● Human Rights
● Water and Food Sustainability
● Gay Rights
● Peace and Armed Conflict
● ... or maybe an idea of your own?