Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Is There a Reality Show for Roofers? .....

If so, I would devote an episode to the crews working on Kelview Baptist Church, on the east side of Big Spring Street, just a few blocks north of downtown Midland. A very large surface, and one of the steeper pitches in the city.

As I drove by yesterday, they were using ladders - laid on the surface - to scale the roof. But they were also employing ropes to get men and materials where they were needed. One man going up on the rope looked more like he was rappelling, rather than roofing.

On big projects or small, it means long days of hard work under a glaring sun, with temperatures hovering just to one side or the other of 100 degrees. Doesn't leave much time and energy for talking ... so maybe it wouldn't make good material for a reality show, where you sometimes get more talking than doing ... but what they're doing is important, nonetheless.