Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Book Time for Burr .....

Burr Williams of the Sibley Nature Center is inviting us to a special event this weekend. Book some time for Burr.

"At 1.30 p.m. on Saturday August 22nd at the Sibley Nature Center at 1307 E. Wadley in Hogan Park in Midland, Willa Finley and Lashara Nieland will give a talk about wildflowers and sign their book," Burr writes. "Admission is free."

"Teachers with a grand passion are special people. For years I have heard of LaShara Nieland's annual wildflower project for Odessa students, and had met a number of young adults that remembered her with pleasure. Retired now, she joined forces with Willa Finley, a friend from freshman biology at Abilene Christian University and later a fellow teacher in Odessa. Finley worked for years in the Middle East and Africa before returning to the States and teaching. She now lives in Lubbock, working as an agriculture economist with LMC International (based in Oxford, United Kingdom), and also participating in development projects in Africa."

"While teaching together in Odessa, they developed a Powerpoint presentation to share with their students in 1998. Over the years, their presentation evolved into a book, "Lone Star Wildflowers, A Guide to Texas Flowering Plants." It has almost 500 color photographs, grouped according to color and arranged by plant family. An "Exploring Further" section shows details of seedpods, leaves, buds, and fruits. The complete growth cycle of each plant is also covered. Current and historical uses of each species are included, as information on plant toxins and range management practices. All the major book stores carry the book, but they will have it for sale at their program, along with bookmarks and greeting card sets."

See you there?