Wednesday, July 08, 2009

WhySyFy? .....

They've fixed things at the Sci Fi Channel ... though it was news to me that anything was broken to begin with. Apparently a new name is needed for a new image ... and new commercial opportunities.

The new branding effort was announced earlier this year,
on this post at the network's website, and took effect this week.

"By changing the name to Syfy, which remains phonetically identical, the new brand broadens perceptions and embraces a wider range of current and future imagination-based entertainment beyond just the traditional sci-fi genre, including fantasy, supernatural, paranormal, reality, mystery, action and adventure," we were told. "It also positions the brand for future growth by creating an ownable trademark that can travel easily with consumers across new media and nonlinear digital platforms, new international channels and extend into new business ventures."

"Syfy — unlike the generic entertainment category 'sci-fi' — firmly establishes a uniquely ownable trademark that is portable across all nonlinear digital platforms and beyond, from Hulu to iTunes. Syfy also creates an umbrella brand name that can extend into new adjacent businesses under the Syfy Ventures banner, including Syfy Games, Syfy Films and Syfy Kids."

Ahhhhhhhh ... trademarking, branding, "ownable" ... why ask 'why?'

Still, it's a shame, I connected with Sci Fi, it was something with which I connected as a youngster ... and that connection - despite the dire predictions of an English teacher or two - has remained strong in my adult years. I'll still watch Sci Fi, er, SyFy ... but it all seems a little silly, even if it does make sense, er, cents to the network's pocketbook.

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