Saturday, July 04, 2009

Socker Soccer Night 7.5

Plenty of fireworks before we got to the fireworks. The auction of Sockers jerseys (special Indepndence Day designs) was getting $100 here, $200 there ... until they got to midfielder Isa Miramontes, whose jersey went for $1,500 ... though at the very end of the night, after the fireworks, when everyone was going home, they were still running announcements over the loudspeaker, trying to connect with the winning bidder.

Also following the game, a young woman was called forward to answer one final trivia question for the night, which was displayed on the giant video screen ... "Will you marry me?" This was followed by Socker midfielder Giber Becerra, stepping forward, taking a knee and popping the question himself ... judging by all the cheers and jumping around down at the end of the field, the answer was 'yes.'

The fireworks themselves - the actual pyrotechnics - were GREAT! All in all, a good ending to a good night.

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