Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Rest of the Story ... and a CHILI ALERT .....

Last year, I offered this post about H.E.B. roasting and selling fresh green chili peppers. Now, it's time for the rest of that story ... and a Chili Alert!

At the time, I noted that is was wonderful 'green marketing' on H.E.B.'s part ... as you're walking across the parking lot and a chance puff of wind, from the right direction, fills your nostrils with a wonderful aroma. If you're from New Mexico, you recognize it as a sure and certain indicator that summer is over and fall is upon us... you think of "home" in the Land of Enchantment and all that entails - especially at mealtime.

Why, yes, as a matter of fact, I DO think there is no greater chili than the Hatch Green Chili. And I offered major kudos to the supermarket chain for their special, seasonal effort.

But it's time for the rest of the story ... it turns out that the Midland H.E.B. had the most successful fresh-roasted chilis program in the chain, and that has won a free trip to Hatch, New Mexico, for Dustin and Victor (the men shown above, in a photo takane last year). They've been promised a tour of the region ... although I have joked with Victor that that they'll probably be handed burlap sacks and pointed towards the fields ... it IS harvest time, after all.

I also promised a Chili Alert. Victor tells me that the 2009 harvest of Hatch chilis will be arriving, and the roaster will be set-up at H.E.B. in just a few weeks. Let's all do our part to spice up our kitchens, fill those nooks and crannies in the freezer (to help get us through the cold winter), and make Dustin and Victor H.E.B.'s top chili-heads for two years in a row!