Thursday, July 02, 2009

Neverland, Permian Basin ...

This hasn't shown up on the major networks, yet ... but then I also can't find it on what Jessica's Well once called the "super secret right wing blog astroturf network." Thank goodness there are still journalists of ... uh ... character out there ... and in our own back yard, too!


ARTESIA, NM - Weekly World News exclusive: Michael Jackson has been spotted in a diner with Elvis! At roughly 3am last night patrons at a diner outside Artesia, New Mexico, saw what was undeniably Michael Jackson dining with Elvis Presley. The two arrived just before 3 at The Sunshine Diner on 285.
Read the rest of the story in the Weekly World News


Darrell Ward said...

Oh puh-leaze...that is just so bogus! Everybody knows Elvis is alive and working at a 7-11 in West Odessa! How gullible do they think we are?

Jeff said...

Darrell! Are you questioning the credibility of the Weekly World News?!?!