Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I REALLY Liked This Story .....

A couple nights ago, I had a chance to enjoy a news report about some people taking special care of the final resting place for my dad, and thousands of others like him.

The report was part of what has become a regular feature on NBC Nightly News. According to NBC, "Making a Difference" was conceived in response to viewers who complained that the broadcast featured only "bad" news. In response to frustrated viewers who wanted to hear more good news in these tough economic times, the network asked people to share stories of random or regular acts of kindness. Show producers report they have received thousands of e-mails in response, and are now sharing some of those stories on a regular basis.

The episode I enjoyed the other night was about the "Renewal and Remembrance" project, started more than ten years ago by an Ohio lanscaper who has encouraged hundreds of others in his profession to give a day of service to the cemetery outside Washington.

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