Friday, July 03, 2009

"Have You Loved Your Newspaper Today ..."

That's the question Karen asks with this post at Pen in Hand.

Karen and I are among those who are not employed as journalists anymore, yet remain "insufferable proponent of the local press." We find ourselves at odds with those who - for whatever reason, by whatever means - would have you think that their personal, usually-virtual properties are the sole reliable repositories of information, inquiry and integrity.

"I worry that people will discover, all too late, the value of a strong local newspaper," Karen wrote in November, 2008, when she
announced her departure from the Cleveland Plain Dealer. "Bloggers are nothing without professional journalists -- don't let anyone tell you different."

In her latest post, she writes, "whether you live in Cleveland or Charlotte or New York City or San Francisco (I know you Europeans don't need this nudge), please support your local newspaper today. Buy it, read it, shop the advertisers and tell them why you're there."

It's something I hadn't thought of, each morning, when I'd get my coffee and the paper at the local convenience store ... but she's right, you know.

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