Tuesday, June 02, 2009

They're Ba-aack ...

From the local social media wires comes news that Black Gold is back in town, following the lives of those going "2 Miles Deep or 6 Feet Under!"

Bulletins circulating on local myspace pages say BG film crews are visiting The Field Office, a favorite watering hole of mine (seriously!) on the south side of the tracks near Midkiff, and The Detour (haven't tried this one, yet ... I'll get back to you) on S. Big Spring, both in Midland.

No buzz on the internet about a second season for "Black Gold" ... including their website. More later, maybe?


Damien Franco said...

So, I only watched a portion of one show and was pretty put off by how absurd it seemed.

Did I miss something?

Was the show any good?

Jeff said...

Damien, thanks for stopping in. Local response to the show was lukewarm ... but then those of us living/working in the oilpatch are going to view it with a different, and more discerning eye.

But it was popular in other parts of the country, according to family members in the northeast, and friends on the west coast.

Not a scientific survey of the ratings ... just what I heard.

Me? I watched the first few episodes, and complimented the show on its production ... it was a DRAMATIC step up from a previous reality TV venture filmed in West Texas. But I didn't stay with the show, and only found out later what happened to 'the littlest Longhorn," and Mr. Lamonica's hat.

Thanks, again, for stopping in.

Char said...

How funny, I used to go to the Field Office quite a bit, haven't been in ages.
To Ted and Charlotte still go there?

Jeff said...

Char, thanks for stopping in. I don't know Ted and Charlotte ... at least, not by name.

Of course, Tom passed away recently, and that was sad. But the doors have remained open and some fix-ups are under way ... I've heard they might be fixing the roof one of these days!

Geo said...

It's a bad economic sign if the only place they can find roughnecks is in a bar.

Jeff said...

George, I'm not too sure ... if memory serves me correct, an awful lot of that first season took place at The Ranch, at Dos Amigos, poolside (with babes and brews) at an apartment complex, and out on some lease (with guns and whiskey).