Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Return of Big 2? ...

FOLLOW-UP: According to a comment attached to this post, the return IS official.

KMID-TV has not referred to itself as "Big 2" for a loooong time. But unofficially, among the general public, you still hear people refer to what was once Midland-Odessa's premier television franchise, and most recognized brand. And the phrase is still used by those of us who belong to the largest media group in the Permian Basin, the Big 2 Alumni Association.

But now, maybe the official stance is changing, going back to what is still in use among their viewers. Below is a screen shot from their website.


Anonymous said...

I worked for KMID and last month they officially decided to go back to the branding of BIG 2. So yes, officially, they are BIG 2 again.

Jeff said...

Anonymous, thanks for the confirmation, my fellow alumnus.