Friday, June 12, 2009

Guess They're Waiting on the Results from Florida ...

TEHRAN, IRAN - Iran's state news agency reported Friday that President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has won re-election, but his main reformist rival also claimed victory. The dual claims came even before the close of polls on Friday. Official results were not expected until Saturday.
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It's an election we should be following, here in the States ... "Iranians packed polling stations from boutique-lined streets in north Tehran to conservative bastions in the countryside Friday," we are told, "to to decide whether to keep hard-liner Ahmadinejad in power or elect a reformist who favors greater freedoms and improved ties with the United States."

All this comes less than a week after parliamentary elections in Lebanon, which The Economist called "
A Win for the West" and a speech from U.S. President Obama that received a generally-positive response from Muslims in many parts of the world.

And where 'hardball may not work, maybe futbol will ... According to this report from, "The U.S. soccer team might go to Iran in November for the first match between the nations in a decade. USSF president Sunil Gulati said Wednesday the game could be held in Tehran on Nov. 14 or 18."


Geo said...

Watching the riot snippets is rich irony. The Revolutionary Guard has become the old guard.

Jeff said...

George, I am disappointed - though hardly surprised - by the turn that story has taken. All of a sudden, the incumbent has won by a landslide. I have a feeling this may go the way elections in Burma went ... people vote for challenger and moderation, ruling party overturns results in favor of incumbent and conservatism.