Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The "Baghdad Girl" ... so, then what happened? ...

So, whatever happend to Raghda Zaid, her blog, and all those cats?

In March of 2006, I offered this post about Zaid and her weblog, "Baghdad Girl."

"When one tunes in the news, and that news turns its attention to the Iraq War, the lion's share of space and time seems to go to the more extreme elements on either side of the issue ... if it's not the swaggering bluster by the war's proponents, it's the shrill denunciations by it's detractors," I noted at the time. "In the midst of all that sound and fury, is there a place for a 14-year-old girl, a weblog, and lots and LOTS of cats? Maybe there is ... just ask Raghda Zaid, the Baghdad Girl. It's not an in-depth analysis of the problems in Iraq ... nor does it offer solutions. But maybe ... just maybe ... it's also a hint of the sense of normalcy that we all - proponents and detractors alike - must certainly hope and pray will someday return to that country."

Three years later, there is still that hope, and that prayer ... and a renewed determination from the Baghdad Girl.

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