Thursday, June 18, 2009

Internet Uprising, 2 ...

Earlier this week, I posted this about the phrase "first true internet uprising" being coined to describe the protests underway in Iraq.

That protest over the results of Irean's national elections not only continues today, but has grown, in both the actual and the virtual worlds.

According to
this report from the Associated Press on, "it's not just young, liberal rich kids anymore: Whole families, taxi drivers, even conservative women in black chadors are joining Iran's opposition street protests. They say they want something simple: their votes counted and their voices heard. What they will settle for — or push for — is a far bigger question."

Also joining is a growing number of protesters in the virtual world, as well ...

According to
this report from's Alan Boyle
and Suzanne Choney
, "as international media outlets are being pushed off the streets of Tehran, the burden of reporting on Iran's post-election crisis is falling increasingly on online channels ranging from blogs and video sites to Twitter and Facebook. The Iranian government raised the stakes in the Internet battle on Wednesday by spreading the word that online users could face prosecution and even execution for 'incitement.'"

Earlier this week, NBC's Richard Engel compared Iran protest-related "Tweets" on Twitter to combat radio messages ... he's right. Here's one page of Tweets under the #iran hashtag from yesterday ... heady stuff ... to say the least ...

Chameleah: Info for people of #Iran to find a secure outlet to let their voices be heard. #tehran #iranelection
less than 10 seconds ago from TweetDeck
mjemmer: RT @DominiqueRdr: Robert Fisk witnesses Iranian military keeping the special forces away from protesters. #iranelection
less than 10 seconds ago from TweetDeck
kenshane: RT @janflora: EVERYONE RETWEET NYT publishing sensitive names of Iranians on Twitter Get them to stop! #NYTfail #iranelection
less than 20 seconds ago from TweetDeck
clotilde_souper: RT @MitraJoon Rob Fisk Live frm Iran (Australia) reporting.He is on streetsconfirms police acting partly on protesters side #iranelection
less than 20 seconds ago from web
IranPussInBoots: Khameni site still down. They're taking the vids off youtube as fast as they're going up. #iranelection
less than 20 seconds ago from web
SteveMelito: #IranElection - Here's hoping, once again, that today is the day the religious fanatics in Iran will fail and fall
half a minute ago from web
iran88: URGENT RT from Iran: Tell protesters in Enghelab to go towards 7 Tir sq. and join the rest (not Azadi sq.) #iranElection #gr88
half a minute ago from TwitterFox
AdrienneVergara: RT Man covered in blood from protests (picture) #gr88 #iranelection
half a minute ago from web
PooYaKasha: RT Unbelievable! pro-ahmedinajad ralley is photoshopped #iranelection
half a minute ago from web
Marilyn_Res: from @DailyDish "Lots of fake Mousavi sites created 4 counter intel.THESE ARE FAKE: ," #iranelection
less than a minute ago from web

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