Monday, February 16, 2009

Wild and Wiki

Many are familiar with Wikipedia ... but not as many are familiar with the energetic exchange, the give-and-take (and, sometimes, cut-and-thrust) that comes with editing Wikipedia content.

Most of my experience on Wikipedia has been of a positive and productive sort. Usually, I have seen the sense in edits performed on my submissions, and found myself in agreement with them. A few times, I haven't ... but even those were resolved amicably, and usually to the satisfaction of all involved.

But that's not always the case ... and an interesting example of this might be found in the ongoing discussion over Wikipedia submissions devoted to a West Texas institution - the American Airpower Heriage Museum of the Commemorative Air Force.

Here is the museum's page on Wikipedia
Here is the Revision History of that page
Here is User Talk from CAFAirpower, stemming from that Revision History

Those of you who contribute to Wiki from time to time may have stories of your own to share ... the good, the bad, the ugly and the beautiful. Whatever, I'd like to hear them.


Anonymous said...

How strange it is to me when all of a sudden I come across a blog about someone else's experience's with the Wikipedia SS Editors who have a God complex, and behold right in the middle of the blog it talks about me. I am CAFAirpower, or was. I am the Education Assistant at the American Airpower Heritage Museum d.b.a CAF Airpower Museum. It is extremely hard for any company to have any control over an article about them on Wikipedia, since Wikipedia does not allow companies or a group of people who represent that company maintain what is truthful about themselves.

Jeff said...

Kevin, thanks for stopping-in and adding a first-person perspective on what was my own third-person observation.

Unfortunately, while your description may apply to your own Wikipedia experience, it does NOT apply to my own, as your comment suggests.

I wish you and your organization luck, though. Wikipedia can be a wonderful resource for learning and sharing ... but like any other actual or virtual structure for those activities, there are bound to be rules and guidelines. They can be individually frustrating at times, but collectively enhancing in the long run.

Anonymous said...

I guess I was trying to say that your article talked about the experiences that some people have that aren't always positive it when it comes to Wikipedia. I didn't mean to say it your experience that was just the way I wrote it, it was completely different in my thoughts. Just out of curiosity how did you come across the museums article on wikipedia, and decide to look at the history and talk sections on it?

Jeff said...

Kevin, I have talked with "Uncle Milty" once or twice, and caught some of your exchange with him, while scrolling down the page to reach my own.