Monday, February 16, 2009

The Birth of Bodoni ...

Giovanni Battista (Giambattista) Bodoni, the "King of Printers" whose fonts came to embody the rational thinking of the Enlightenment, was born on this day in 1740.

His printing reflected an aesthetic of plain, unadorned style, combined with purity of materials ... his style attracted many admirers and imitators ... and his influence on typography was huge through the end of the 19th-century. Even today, it is still in use, still admired, and still inspires new creations.

Probably the best online source on Bodoni, is the website of the Museo Bodoniano in Parma, Italy ... but ... Capite l'italiano? ... No? ... then try this article from bnet Business Network, and Bodoni's write-up in Wikipedia.

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