Friday, September 11, 2009

A Solemn Start to the Day .....

There are times when even the busiest of locations – a plaza filled with people, for example, in the middle of a bustling college campus – becomes a place for quiet and solemn reflection. That was the case for Beal Plaza, on 9/11, when Midland College held its annual Day of Remembrance.

Guests of honor included members of the MC community - students, faculty, staff and adminsitrators - who had served in the United States Armed Forces.

The centerpiece for this morning's observance was a table with three candles. The red candle, in memory of military personnel who have lost their lives, was lit by Dr. Stan Jacobs, MC Associate Vice President of Instruction-Transfer. The white candle, in memory of college students, faculty and staff that have passed away, was lit by Dy. Steve Thomas, MC President. And the blue candle, in memory of emergency service personnel who have lost their lives, was lit by Chief Martin Garcia of the MC Police Department. The candle-lighting was followed by a moment of silence.

The ceremony began with the National Anthem, and closed with Taps, played by MC students Jeff Parker and Cody Kuhlmann.

The photos were taken by Katherine Curry-Inskeep, a fellow refugee from television news, who now works at MC Public Information & Media Department, and has her own photography studio.