Thursday, September 24, 2009

Must Be a Slow News Day .....

... if someone has to resort to putting me on television. Actually, I was helping someone in a pinch, and glad to do it.

That's why I was visiting
KWES-TV at oh-dark-thirty this morning, taping a brief interview with NewsWest 9 Sunrise anchor Haley Burks about an upcoming lecture event at Midland College. Normally, someone else from my office - here, at MC - would have done this ... but we're a little short-staffed at the moment, so I pitched in to help.

Actually, it was fun. I used to work at KWES, and it was fun to see the new set, and meet some of the staff that have hired on since my departure in 2007. The segment airs later this morning, during the 8:55 local cut-in to the Today Show.

By the way, the topic of the interview was "
Energy Geopolitcs: An Evening with Michael Economides," Thursday, October 8, 7:30 p.m. at the Al G. Langford Chaparral Center. Admission is FREE and open to the public, and general admission tickets are NOT required (as they are for some of our other free lectures at MC.

Dr. Michael J. Economides, of the University of Houston, is a chemical and petroleum engineer (with an emphasis on petroleum and natural gas reservoir and production engineering) and an expert on energy geopolitics. With 14 textbooks and over 200 journal papers and articles, his works are referenced by almost all practitioners in the field. Following his 2000 best seller "
The Color of Oil" and a large number of publications in international magazines, he is considered by many as the premier world expert on the geopolitics of energy, giving about 50 speeches per year to groups from many large professional societies, organizations and corporations. He is a frequent guest on national and international media, appearing on CNBC, Fox News, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Tokyo Channel 13, Dow Jones Wire, NPR, Bloomberg, BBC World Service and many local stations throughout the world. He writes for the editorial pages of major newspapers and internet news organizations. His latest wide-appeal book is "From Soviet to Putin and Back: The Dominance of Energy in Today’s Russia."