Friday, January 09, 2009

Turf Words ...

I had a chance last night to see the results of the recently-completed turf rennovation project at Grande Stadium ... and I thought they looked great.

The new turf, installed over the winter break, was one of the attractions of first day of the President's Cup Soccer Tournament, where eight high school teams from Midland, Lubbock and El Paso are giving the "real grass matrix variety" a proper break-in. And futbol uses every square-inch of the field, with players having to cover 20-25% more field than covered by a game of 'throwball.' (Why, yes ... I am a soccer parent ... does it show?)

And the field doesn't just look good ... judging by the speed and the turns made by players on the field, it provides a good playing surface as well. According to
this report from the MRT's Lee Passmore, "the new surface of the venue got positive reviews ..." In that same article, it's mentioned that it might get better, once it's "settled in."