Monday, January 19, 2009

George Goes Two-for-Two ...

A pair of visits today ... both the result of posts by George at Sleepless in Midland, and both of them a good experience.

The first was the City of Midland's
Off-Leash Dog Park, in the Hogan Park complex, north of the Sibley Nature Center. This park is on off-leash park for dogs only. Each dog must be over 4 months old, wearing his or her current license tags and have been properly inoculated. No other animals are permitted in the park area.

George had posted about the park on numerous occasions, but it's only now that Younger Son and I got around to visiting, with our dog in tow. It didn't take for everyone to start visiting, dogs-wth-dogs and people-with people. A good time was had by all ... thanks for the heads-up, George.

Our second stop was a
Do-It-Yourself Dog Wash, located inside a store front of the Mesa Verde Shopping Center (SW corner of Midland Drive and Neely Street). A dog steps inside an open booth and is tethered to a pair of links. Deposit $10 worth of token, coins or bills, then select from a menu of services - shampoo, conditioner, flea/tick-treatment, rinse and a two-speed dryer. The cleansing products used are free of chemicals, and the indoor location is handy for cold-weather washes.

I first learned about this business through one of George posts. Younger Son and I enjoyed it ... dog was kind of so-so about it all. All in all, I enjoyed the convenience, and I expect we'll be going back regularly ... thanks, again, for the heads-up, George.


Anonymous said...

Hey Jeff,

Most dogs enjoy that park, and the young ones really seem to love it.

I'm glad that dog wash place is still going. I haven't been there since that first time, but the hound definitely needs a revisit.

Jeff said...

George, I liked the dog wash. It was very convenient, especially with the cold weather we (occasionally) have this time of year ... and having her completely dried-off before she has a chance to run off and roll in the dirt.

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