Monday, December 15, 2008

My 2¢ ...

Having just read the Midland Reporter-Telegram's interview with Reverend Steve Schorr, I'd like to add my 2¢ to what they had to say about the man, his calling and his impact on the Tall City.

Pastor Steve is one of the good guys ... one of the best, actually. Just four years ago, he became Senior Minister at
First Presbyterian Church-Midland ... and that was something of a homecoming for him, as he had once been an associate pastor at First Prez. My family had just transferred their letter to FPC the year before, although I had worked for a few years with the clergy, staff and congregation of that church, and had a great appreciation for them all.

Steve is a a perfect fit ... a tireless leader who - quite literally - practices what he preaches. He is a hard working and loving servant. And he shares with me a great appreciation - bordering on passion, really - for the works of J.R.R. Tolkien, among others. He's also a movie buff who has directed me on several occasions to films I had never even heard of ... yet have come to treasure.

He is also adventurous ... challenging us all to join him in reaching outside our 'comfort zone,' to share the love of Jesus Christ with more people, in more ways, in more places.

Anyway, that's my 2¢ about Steve.


Anonymous said...

Steve is one of Midland's greatest gifts. We are lucky to have him. I heard him speak recently at a funeral to a packed sanctuary in front of a lot of people who no doubt had never heard him and it was one of the most warm, comforting homilies I've ever heard. Jp

Jeff said...

Jimmy, thanks for stopping in, and for sharing your own impressions of Steve, I agree with you 101% ... he is a gift, and we are most fortunate, indeed.